Community Employment

Community Employment has become a multifaceted programme that aims to satisfy a range of objectives. SICCDA operates a 20-place programme in the Liberties area situated in Dublin 8. Its aim is to help long-term unemployed people re-enter the active workforce and to break the experience of long-term unemployment through enhanced and meaningful training, personal development and valuable work experience. SICCDA is not only committed to ensuring that those that participate on CE engage in meaningful work experience in areas such as accounts, reception, maintenance work and community development. But also, in training as a means of enhancing their employability but is also strongly committed to personal development, confidence and capacity building.

We advertise all our CE positions with our local employment office, on the SICCDA FACEBOOK Page or click HERE.

Who Can Apply?

  • Persons aged 21 years of age or over who are currently in receipt of an Irish social welfare payment for 12 months or more

  • Persons aged 18 years or over who are currently in receipt of any of the following payments from the Department of Social Protection (DEASP):
    – Disability Allowance
    – Blind Pension
    – Invalidity Pension (subject to eligibility)
    – Illness Benefit for 6 months or more (subject to eligibility)

  • Travellers aged 18 years or over
    (subject to eligibility)

  • Refugees aged 18 years or over
    (subject to eligibility)

  • Ex-offenders aged 18 years or over
    (subject to eligibility)

James Morton
T: 01 453 6098