Since COVID-19, SICCDA  has continued to support the Dublin 8 and surrounding community through regular check in calls for all SICCDA service users and isolating seniors and referring them to relevant services as needed. The goal is to check in on individuals, calmly ensure that they have the right information about what is going on, identify if they have support, and refer them to the necessary helplines and services when needed.

In response to the impact that covid cocooning can have on mental health, including heightened anxiety, loneliness, and lack of engagement in healthy activities, the SICCDA community development team put together and delivered activity packs for isolated seniors and adults. The packs were made in collaboration with Dublin City Community Coop and member organisations with a variety of resources, activities, and information to help people look after their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing while cocooning! Some of the things people are receiving in these packs includes brain teasers, meditations, at home exercises, recipes, a copy of Ireland’s Own, art supplies, and much more– we hope there is something for everyone in this pack!

In April, over 90 packs were distributed and throughout the month of May we are planning to deliver 135 packs through hand delivery and local meals on wheels services. If you know someone who could benefit from a pack during this time, ring Kathleen at 087-711-7224.